Current Project (2020) - see SOUTH CROYDON PORTRAITS

Like so many others, my early photography was inspired by my late father's bulging suitcase of holiday snaps - and a collection of broken folding cameras with names like 'Penguin'.
My first camera was a plastic one from Woolworths - not a million miles away from the lo-fi eastern imports that are so trendy today.
In the 1960's I worked in a Fulham backstreet photography-studio-come-sewing-machine-retailers and learned how not to do things.
Many years later I was fortunate to work for Private Eye Magazine and it was then that I bought my first SLR.
After leaving the magazine I spent a short period as a pro photographer in the late seventies but then 'lost my mojo' mainly due to circumstances and took few photographs until 1997, when a visit to Romania with a Welsh charity ( and a borrowed camera ) recharged my batteries.
In 1998-2000 I studied multimedia at South Thames College.
At the time of writing (2020) I have kept going, with the occasional commission and exhibition - but rarely passing a day without a few more frames in the bag.